Joseph Zeira

Amazing macroeconomist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I appreciate his comments and his support highly.

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The painter whom I love most in this world. Experience the pictures and the impressions for yourself.

Ross M. Starr

Great theoretical economist at UCSD. I appreciate his enlightening comments and well-placed criticism.

Professorship of Economic Policy at Chemnitz University of Technology

I hold the chair as well as Klaus-Dieter John in good memory. I enjoyed working at the department and got a great start into my career as an economist.

Haim Shalit

My closest friend at Ben Gurion University of the Negev. I enjoy talking, collaborating and getting his support.

Econ Department, University of California, San Diego

I enjoyed my time at the econ department at UCSD, I am absolutely sure that I learned a lot of things there.

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Institute of Forecasting and Macroeconomic Research, Tashkent

Quite a place. Definitely not easy to work with. Nevertheless, I made some interesting experiences as well as some friends there.


Great organization. Interesting conferences. Check for yourself!

Florian Biermann

Friend from Jerusalem. Young game theorist. Very interesting to talk to.

Villa Baden-Baden

Best interior designer in Germany. Wonderful antique furniture in amazing sales location. Check it out and spend your money!

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