Monetary Economics, Macroeconomics, Computational Economics and Financial Stability

About Frank Hespeler

I am an economist interested in economic policy, academic research and teaching. I also consulted IFMR, an Uzbek government think tank, on the efficient conduct of scientific research. More details can be discovered in my CV.

My research focuses on macroeconomics, monetary economics and computational economics. In general, I am studying aspects of the monetary transmission process, issues in the solution of rational expectation models and the consequences of capital transfers for the valuation of GDP and related welfare measures. Currently I am also working on the analysis of financial markets.

My teaching includes macroeconomics, econometrics and mathematical economics. Please refer to details in my teaching portfolio.

As a secondary result of my research I constantly develop software routines, which are mainly written in Mathematica and EViews. The routines will be soon available on this site.

To contact me: